Nursing Home Residents Fear Cuts From GOP Health Bill

A year and a half ago, Robert Hawkins was living on the street in San Francisco’s Financial District, struggling with diabetes and chronic lung disease. Read More.

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Funding reopens dental services to low-income patients

Millions of low-income Californians on Thursday regained many of the dental services they lost five years ago during state budget cuts that virtually eliminated non-emergency dental benefits for adults.  Read more.

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Medi-Cal dental coverage to be partially restored, but not until May

LeAna Powell, already missing two front teeth, has so much pain from several molars that she pops pain pills routinely and tries to eat only soft food.  Read more.

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Doctors Fear HIV Patients Will Fall Through Cracks As Obamacare Rolls Out

A major goal of the federal health care law is that millions of people who currently do not have health insurance will have improved access to care.  Read more.

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